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Pool space

Token Available space Available space
ChainLink NaN
Ethereum NaN

If you are seeing NaN under Available space or anywhere else, you either

  • refresh the page too often,
  • are clicking the API links too much,
  • have multiple tabs of open or
  • have opened on multiple devices on the same network.

Staking cost

Have a look on to get a cost estimate in USD for staking, unstaking, restaking and withdrawing rewards.


Swap rates

1 BNT ≈ - vBNT

1 vBNT ≈ - BNT

The above rates are an approximation. Depending on the swap direction (BNT -> vBNT or vBNT -> BNT) the rate might be a little higher or lower.

Historical data

Head over to and select BNT and vBNT to see a historical graph of the swap rate.


- vBNT (-% of total supply) has been burned.


  • Connect your wallet to also see the pool space for stablecoins
  • Thanks to a mail from Drake I figured out browser notifications were sometimes missing new pool space opening up because polling on background tabs is reduced to once per minute. I have fixed this by using websockets, but you will have to connect your wallet to use these (for now).


Auto-staking is an experimental feature to broadcast offline signed transactions when pool space opens up, please read a guide to auto-staking carefully before continuing.

Number of transactions waiting in the Ethereum pool: -

Open stake

Token Nonce Amount Cancel



Minimum pool space

Minimum exchange rate



You can send yourself an email when there is room in a stake pool with the script below.

  • a Google account
  1. Go to , click on the 'Start Scripting' button and login to your Google account
  2. Click on 'New project' (top left) in the menu
  3. Remove all the code
  4. Copy the below script and paste it in your Google Apps Script
    function bancorEthPoolNotification() { let call = UrlFetchApp.fetch(''); let output = call.getContentText(); let space = JSON.parse(output).space; if (space >= 0) { call = UrlFetchApp.fetch(''); output = call.getContentText(); let safeGasPrice = JSON.parse(output).result.SafeGasPrice; let subject = "Space in the Bancor Ethereum pool" let body = "There's room for " + space + " Ethereum in the Bancor pool. The safe gas price is: " + safeGasPrice; MailApp.sendEmail("", subject, body); } }
  5. If you want to keep track of another token, change the url on line 2 and replace 'Ethereum' on line 11 and 12 with the name of the token (have a look at the API page to see which tokens are supported)
  6. Put the minimum amount of token space you want to be notified about on line 6, instead of 0
  7. And change your "" on line 14 with your email address
  8. Click on the save button (floppy disc icon) above the script
  9. Browse to Triggers by clicking the alarm clock icon on the left in the menu
  10. Click the '+ Add Trigger' button on the bottom right
  11. Put the 'Select type of time based trigger' on 'Minutes timer'; the script will now run every minute
  12. Click on the 'Save' button
  13. A pop-up asking for authorization will appear
  14. Select your Google account
  15. Click on 'Advanced'
  16. Click on 'Go to Untitled project (unsafe)'
  17. Click on the 'Allow' button
  18. Head over to Executions by clicking the button under Triggers in the menu and see if the Status shows Completed
  19. Send me an email at if you can't get it to work


Reach me at


Donations are more than welcome to support this service, every Wei helps

The safe gas price at the moment is - Gwei (according to Etherscan)